The Mahathir Science Award accepts nominations from four main categories of tropical sciences, namely:

  • Tropical Agriculture
  • Tropical Architecture and Engineering
  • Tropical Medicine
  • Tropical Natural Resources

The Mahathir Science Awardee is selected by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia through an exhaustive vetting exercise. The selection of candidates is based on the candidate’s scientific breakthroughs, the originality of each candidate’s achievements, the impact of candidate’s achievements, including future impact and its significance in solving the problems of the tropics by improving the quality of life and contributing to the region’s prosperity.

Selection Criteria (as of 19 July 2016):

  • Significant research & studies contributing to new knowledge in solving problems in the tropics
  • Demonstrable evidence of significant socio and societal impact
  • Contribution to policy and governance leading to sustainable improvement to quality of life
  • National, regional and international recognition (to consider whether same work nominated has previously been recognised)
  • H-index or equivalent

A complete nomination must have the followings:

  1. Nomination Form    CLICK TO VISIT FORM
  2. Recent Photo of the Nominee 
  3. Curriculum Vitae/Group Profile/Organisational Profile
  4. List of honours and awards 
  5. List of products/services commercialised 
  6. List of publication and patent (granted or pending) 
  7. Supporting document such as paper clippings, announcements, et cetera.
  8. Supporting letter from each referee
  9. Supporting letter from the nominator